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Poem of the day - Oct 23

The winds that blows -
ask them, which leaf on the tree
will be next to go.

- Kyoshi Takahama

Don't worry! He won't jump. He just likes to look at the view and think about things.

(Btw, his name is Peffis and he has his own site at


I play the saxophone - an instrument that I truly love. I know a little bit of piano as well but not much.

Lately I've tried to create some electronic music. The results so far are scary, naive and simple...but that doesn't stop me from putting them up on the web. Hopefully I will learn the program and enhance my skills...but perhaps not. they are...

- First Naive Try (Aug 8 2004)

- F.M.T.Y. (Aug 14 2004)

- Celtic (Sep 1 2004)

- Another (Sep 7 2004)

- Gro (Sep 7 2004)

- Strange Clouds (Nov 7 2004)

- Shanghai Awaits (April 3 2005)

- Missing You (September 6 2005)

...and then there is the old try from 1991 - Digital Native Dance