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China 2005    April 23 - August 14

Work took me to China and I was to be there for around four months. The main location was Shanghai but I had many chances to go elsewhere also, such as to Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Xian, Huang Shan, Huang Long, Jiuzhaigou, Chengdu and Lhasa (Tibet).

I've also made these photos into a cloud movie (a term coined by me) along with some music that I've composed. Perhaps not a better viewing experience but certainly a different one.

Pacific Digital Plaza

Shanghai moon

Shanghai TV Tower

Surrealism - Part One

Surrealism - Part Two

View From Shanghai TV Tower

Neon lights on Nanjing road

More neon lights on Nanjing road

Dragon statue from 2000 B.C.

Busy streets

What flower is this?

Cable work

Shanghai Old Town - Yu Garden

Dragon wall

Kite on clear bl*...grey sky

Is that? Noooo....

Bridge in Century park

Tiptoeing around

Molly's revenge

Something is wrong

Champion is leaving the stage

Thanks for all the years champ

As requested by Snowlord - a J-O Waldner "stilstudie"

No teasing

Some green in Shanghai zoo

Have your picture taken with you next to Leif - the bearded monkey

Suzhou - BeiSi Tower

Blue framing

Red leaves

Suzhou - Tiger hill pagoda

A colourful duck


Fire for prayer

Buddhist monks

Turtle rock


Buildings along the Bund

Great Wall

The Great Wall

Three musketeers

Stone warrior

Signs in water

Summer Palace is being observed

The importance of having work collegues you trust

Could someone please translate this?

Oh the joy!

What are you doing little lady?

Tian an men

The importance of standing straight when guarding

The importance of standing straight when getting photographed

Marching down the square

Forbidden city

Forbidden city

Tian an men with picture of Mao

Statue with more than one symbol of power in it

The future of China :)

They are repainting our house

Cheap! Very cheap!! :)

Another one forwarded from our friends in Beijing

They are almost done now

Isn't she lovely...

Shanghai Botanic garden

The butt of a mooning bee...or possibly crashlanded...or possibly just a very hungry bee

A flower from Hangzhou

A bridge over west lake in Hangzhou

Laughing buddha

Finally something to do with that value less money

West Lake - Hangzhou

Water pearls

Hangzhou sunset

The three pools reflecting the moon

More from the three pools island

Water on a leaf

A great musician

Peacock after the rain

Hangzhou pagoda

Bubbles are fun!

Boats on West Lake

Bird hunter

Can statues go in a boat?

White flower

Sleeping biker

Little people living on Buddha

On top of the pyramid

Sleeping IN the grass

The terracotta warriors of Xi'an

Warriors and horses

The people who made Xi'an unsafe this weekend

Knife sharpener on his way to work

Me and my fan club

The Ace Photographer

Beautiful dance and dancer

Beautiful dance and dancer

Beautiful dance and dancer

Beautiful dance and dancer

The orchestra


Do not want to walk ANY further!

Are you looking at me???!!

Cool biker

Getting a free ride


Trumpet man


Drummer boy - with grandma


Cart pulling

The Goose Pagoda of Xian

Mirror boy

Pottery making

Resting those tired legs

The gang - minus Ace

My feet went to Huang Shan

Mountains, mountains, mountains...

Stairs cut out of the mountain

The famous Huang Shan sunrise

Same sunrise...a little later

Monkey Watching The Sea

Nothing if you are afraid of hights

Huang Shan

Mirroring ourselves

Mountain girl

A photographer pro shows us how it is done

Another one of the sunrise

Bug on the mountain top

A Huang Shan frog

Holding hands


Mountain police

A place to rest after a long walk


A human skull for sale

Teasing her big brother

A devoted Tibetan buddhist...

Popular tourist spots in China are just that - very popular

The ear cleaner busy at work

So many years - still holding hands

Life's worries

A game of mahjong

Upside down mirror

More than one arm

The escape attempt that failed

The Himalayas seen from above

One of the pools of Huang long

Another pool

Huang Long Temple

The Colourful Lake in Jiuzhaigou

A Jiuzhaigou forest creek

Grass Lake (Jiuzhaigou)

Another Jiuzhaigou lake

And another lake

Badminton in the streets

The friendly fruit seller is having lunch

A funny man with his Tibetan cow

A small waterfall in Jiuzhaigou

A big waterfall in Jiuzhaigou

Jokhang temple (Lhasa, Tibet)

Potala palace (Lhasa, Tibet)

Lesser panda

More panda

Automated praying

From Qinyanggong temple in Chengdu


Things to buy

A Tibetan village

Trumpets perfect to bring home as hand luggage

Water and oxygene - what you need on a mountain

Yak butter anyone?

Yak meat anyone?

Bikes rule in western china

Carrying your friend home

Chengdu market

Relaxing in Qingyanggong temple

Another devoted buddhist

Water drop

The man with the monster hat goes shopping

Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan temple

A lonely boy

Prayer beads

Last china photo from yours truly as I am really home now

(click on the images to enlarge them)